Adelaide Baroque: Café Zimmermann III
Burnside Town Hall, 23 February 2013

Ben (National Living Treasure) Dollman fronted a seven piece ensemble of strings, recorder and harpsicord for a delicious assortment of Telemann, Bach and Handel while the audience munched and sipped as in the 18th century coffee house of Herr Gottfried Zimmermann.

Lesley Lewis was in top form for her harpsicord concerto; the recorders of Brendan O’Donnell and Lynton Rivers added character and style.

The balance between raging and grieving eluded soprano Louisa Perfect in Handel’s fiendishly difficult account of Agrippina, preparing for death at the hands of her own son.

Finally, Dollman and the two recorders led the rest with a totally captivating champagne and caviar account of the Brandenburg number IV, one of the miracles of composition of all time. Food for the body, food for the soul.

Elizabeth Silsbury, The Advertiser, 6 March 2013